About the Author

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David, President of Dale & Associates,  is an employee benefits mediator/consultant working with small businesses to reduce the gaps that can needlessly waste money that you spend on your employee benefits programs.

David is also an associate at Foundation Private Wealth Management where they help business owners reduce their frustration by implementing new ideas and strategies that alleviate their greatest business expense: paying tax to the Canada Revenue Agency.

We also work with business owners and professionals to provide them with comprehensive and cost-effective financial products including Critical Illness Insurance, Long-term disability insurance, and Life insurance.  We use the latest technology and search-engines to ensure they are getting the best coverage at the right cost.

When David is not working, he is an active volunteer, board member and past President with a local grass-roots organization, The Ottawa Network (TON),  that assists start-up technology entrepreneurs through networking, mentoring, and workshops in Canada’s national capital, Ottawa.

In his other waking hours, David composes original music and plays keyboards, guitar, and provides background vocals with two Ottawa bands, Grey Matters and the Minion.

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