Embracing Your Inner Child

I am having an absolute blast being a grandfather to two recent additions to our family a granddaughter two years ago and grandson five months ago. So what does this have do with my business blog? I am in awe with my two year old granddaughter’s passion, sense of fun, directness and her ability to focus when she is learning something new. She has no fear of taking my hand and directing me to join her in an activity she wants me to participate in with her. She is very direct in her questions and requests with very few filter or fillers. She has a total sense of wonder in her universe and she lives in the moment. The problem for us as working adults is we lose so many of these wonderful qualities over time for so many reasons that I don’t have time to cover in this blog. The problem with losing our inner child is that we become so dour and serious that we most of us often don’t enjoy what we don for a living. Fear sets in and we don’t want to take any risks for fear of failure or looking foolish amongst our peers. We start to overthink and analyze everything thing we do. Most of us reign in our spirit of fun and over time depending on our circle of friends, associates and advisors often that fire and passion we initially started with gets pushed aside with doubt and worry. That is human nature. What I am proposing in this blog is spend some time hanging with little kids, watch and observe them and let some of their wonderful qualities filter back into your life you will be surprised how much better you will feel and how your business will benefit from this new sense of wonder, openness and joy for life.

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