Cyber Threats and What Small Business Can Do About It

I recently attended a event put on by our non-profit organization where one of the presenters was a startup company that provides a software service that helps provide protection for small business from cyber attacks against their IP, data and systems. I can speak from personal experience a little more than a year ago, unbeknownst to me some ransomware downloaded on itself through one of my programs and it took over my computer and effectively made it impossible for me to operate until I agreed to pay the author of the program a significant amount of money to remove the ransomware. I am somewhat fortunate as my son works in network security and after making a panicked call to him, he accessed my computer and then suggested I contact a computer in the US that installs and firewalls and deals with cyber breaches and threats. In the end I lost a day of productivity while the US company identified the ransomware, and cleaned out my registry and installed the necessary additional layer of protection I needed to avoid further attacks. They also shared information about practices I should adopt going forward to deter further attacks. The lesson I learned at the time is not to take for granted the security of my data. There are a great deal of resources available to help you learn the risks that are out there. In addition there are now some great companies that have developed some great software for SME’s that can help protect your precious company IP, and data. Believe me speaking from personal experience, it is worth your time and expense. Hit me offline and I will share some valuable links with you.

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