Things I Have Learned During The Pandemic

Since the pandemic started nearly a year ago I have come to the realization that in spite of all the doom and gloom we hear every day in the media that life goes on for most of us in a somewhat altered state. So what have I observed? For some sectors this has been been disastrous and others this has been a boom. Technology has allowed many of us to continue our business activity although now we work remotely from home offices. I know in talking with other business people some are feeling a sense of isolation from the world. My daughter who works in marketing and sales was expressing frustration in not being able to meet face-to-face with her clients and just plain burnt-out from spending 7-8 hours a day standing in front of a screen talking into a camera. I understand her frustration, but on the flip side I asked her how she would feel about having only a phone and fax machine to accomplish her daily objectives, that was our reality only 20 years ago, so technology has eased some of the communication glitches during this pandemic. The other thing I have noted is in my frequent virtual meetings with C-Level managers in their home offices is that they appeared to be more open and relaxed than in a typical office setting. I find the conversation and information flows more easily than before, perhaps because we are all going through these trying and difficult times together. One other thing that the pandemic has made me realize that there has to be a seismic shift in certain kinds of businesses going forward if they are to survive in the future. For example restaurants, bars, live entertainment, and retail have to re-imagine how they will deliver their product to consumers in post pandemic society as we are likely to change the way we live, work and interact after this virus subsides and we wait for the next one make its appearance.

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