Virtual Meetings our New Reality

So for the year I have been forced by the pandemic to change the way I interact with the people in my life both professionally and personally. My new reality and I am certain, yours is using one of the many platforms available to meet virtually. Though not always ideal they still allow us to communicate, interact and even conduct business. In talking with some of my business colleagues some of them feel that virtual meetings allow them to be more productive and spend less time in their vehicles tied up in traffic jams trying to get from meeting to meeting. Others complain that virtual meetings don’t allow them to read body language and facial expressions that a face-to-face meeting does. Personally I find that although there are certain drawbacks like screens freezing from time to time, that for the most part I have had productive meetings using platforms like Zoom or Webex. I also noted that many people I have encountered on these virtual meetings appear to be more relaxed and open in conversation. In addition they have conveyed to me that for the most part they have been able to continue their business activities using virtual meetings. Looking back when this technology didn’t exist, business would have been in an even more difficult place than we are currently experiencing which is pretty dire. There are no perfect solutions, but virtual meetings have been for the most part been one of the better innovations of the past decade.

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