Overcoming Obstacles In Times of Upheaval


I am not surprised by our current circumstance of living and working in the midst of a global pandemic the warnings had been coming from scientists for years. What has been surprising to me has been the resilience, tenacity and creativity of many of the business people I have been speaking with over the past several months since COVID 19 has started. Yes the toll on business and lives has been substantial and it will take a great deal of time to recover from this, but we are learning new ways to conduct business and interact with one another. I am struck with the positive attitude and willingness of people I interact with to find ways to negotiate their way through a complex and difficult and for most of us a new reality. For me I have been working from a home office for more than two decades so there was no big adjustment for me on that front. The thing that bothers me the most in the current state of affairs is the lack of direct human contact. Platforms like Zoom meeting and Google Hangouts are a great alternative and allow one to conduct meetings and get much done without the hassle of traffic jams, but I miss the face to face contact. That being said I am adapting to doing business in the virtual and I am a grateful for the digital platforms and programs that allow us to continue to operate our businesses in spite of a serious and sometime deadly virus. I am struck by the ingenuity and creativity I am witnessing daily as I engage in stimulating conversations with business leaders and founders.

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