You Can’t Do It All or The Reason To Delegate

In my role as a leader and member of a non-profit organization I wear many hats, but I have also come to the realization that sometimes I take on too many tasks. I am not superhuman, I have some skill sets and I do some things well and others just okay. There are others on the board that possess knowledge and abilities in areas that I just don’t excel at. In recognition of this I have learned to step back and either asked them to step up and do what they do best for the good of the organization of the people we serve. Sometime they just offer to take on a project or task without me or someone on the executive requesting their expertise. In thinking about the positive effects of this kind of interaction and process it is two-fold. One it reduces the stress on the leaders of the group as it frees up some of their time to spend on other initiatives. Second it creates a feeling of trust and positivity in the group as team members are given the responsibility to take on major tasks and use their talents and skills in the areas where they excel. At a recent event our organization planned and executed that went exceedingly well, I stood at the back of room and just enjoyed the moment knowing that it was total team effort that had created magic that had unfolded before my eyes. I know as owners or executives we crave control, but we must learn to trust in the skill and talent of our team and let them make important contributions to the success of our organizations.

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