The Value of Mentorship

As I continue my work with the non-profit organization that works with our start-up community I was thinking about the impact a strong mentor can have on the development of a relatively inexperienced entrepreneur. I never really reached out for the help of a mentor to later on in my career, that is on me. The value of a great mentor is quite simple they have gained valuable business and life experience during their careers that they can pass on to their students or lesser experienced entrepreneurs. They usually ask great questions to uncover what is going with you and your business. They can help you avoid mistakes they have made along the way, that can save you and your business financial and emotional pain. Mentors generally have developed substantial networks they might be willing to share with you, once they are convinced you are on the right path. So why would a successful business person go out of their way to help some stranger just starting up a new business without financial reward? In one word, “paying it forward”. In addition these are people of high moral character who appreciate the success they have experienced and want to share their knowledge and success with others. To all those mentors out there lending a helping hand, you make this a planet just a little better place to endure.

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